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  • Dew Enviro is one of the world few fully integrated liquid engineering company. Dew Enviro is committed to provide the customers with innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies.
    From raw water clarification to wastewater reuse and disposal, Dew Enviro has the expertise to help you reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and protect your valuable equipment...
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  • Dew have designed, Engineered, manufactured and supplied some of the world most complex wastewater treatment solution. Some of the system highlights are as follows :- Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited : Compact wastewater treatment system completely underground with roof in Gurgaon. Pfizer Ltd : Awarded the best effluent treatment plant for Pfizer worldwide site. Totally compact and completely constructed in MS structure. Goodyear India Limited : ETP and STP recycling system based on UF +RO technology to recycle water up to 80% with very high variability in water. Shree Cement Limited : One of India largest reverse osmosis system running with 110 different source of water stabilized and running since last 12 years. Essar Oil Ltd : India first produced water treatment system with recycling using reverse osmosis.

  • We provide concept to commissioning project execution in water and wastewater system. Complete team of engineers to firmly analyse your water and wastewater upto ppb ( Parts per Billion) level, developing complete treatment scheme. Implementing complete project and providing operation maintenance services.


What we do

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD Systems)

Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is a water treatment process in which all wastewater is purified and recycled. The ZLD System removes dissolved solids from the wastewater and returns distilled water to the process (source)...

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Effluent Treatment Plant for physical, chemical and biological treatment of wastewater. We offer combination of technologies involving Tube Settlers, Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Floatation(DAF), Aeration, Agitator, Flocculator, Bioreactors etc...

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Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment plants including Filtration System, Softner, Dealkalizer, Demineralizer, Ultrapure Water Technologies, Chemical Feed with dosing System, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Desalination...

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"Dew have supplied two effluent treatment system to our Bandung and Purvakarta facility. The system are installed at lowest cost with excellent results in a very congested space." Amit Lohia ,ManagingDirector, Indorama Ltd , Indonesia

"Dew have done various modification to our 240 m3/hr RO system so that it run on variable quality water. We have recycled our water 100% and running the system from last 14 years."– M.M.Rathi, President, Shree Cement Ltd.

"We have installed wastewater treatment faicility to 2800m3/day. Till Dew have taken over the system never exceeded 60% of its designed value. Now we run the system to 90-100% of designed capacity."– Akhilesh Shukla, HOD, Vedanta Inc.